CIDEC has an Initiatives Development Center (IDC) dedicated to the promotion of R+D+i (research, development and innovation). The development of these new initiatives is done through collaboration with other institutions, or may lead to new generation projects.
Some projects of the IDC:

Knowledge Federation

In keeping with its identity, Cidec has promoted an experimental space for the transfer of knowledge, the coordination of shared resources and innovative forms of work organization. This project has allowed for the strategic alignment of Cidec with the following organizations:

AIC Gestión de Capital Intelectual
IKERTALDE Grupo Consultor
GPI Consultores
D&B Consultores
ICC Consultors Culturals

From this initial nucleus, we are, at present, working to change and expand the model, initiating a process of incorporation of new nodes, aimed at creating a network of organizations that will integrate a Knowledge Federation 2.0.


Building on the expertise of two decades of activities focused on the development of individuals and organizations, as well as on the assessment of their performance and skills, this project aims at designing and building the Instituto Vasco de Aprendizaje y Evaluación de Competencias-IVAEC (Basque Institute of Learning and Skills Assessment).


The aim is to develop new models of learning and assessment through the use of platforms and supports which will be based mainly on virtual models and will also include mixed processes of virtual and face-to-face learning.


Within this framework, innovative projects for self-learning and self-assessment of transversal and basic skills are currently being developed together with companies from the Knowledge Federation. These projects are aimed at unskilled people who want to have access to certified training, workers who wish to upgrade their skills, etc.


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